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P802.3ae plan for WG ballot - advance notification and access to draft 2.2

Dear 802.3 member,
During next weeks plenary, P802.3ae intends to request draft 2.1 (see more about draft 2.2 below) plus those changes approved during the plenary meetings to be forwarded for working group ballot as draft 3.0.
As you are aware, this process started two years ago at the March 1999 meeting with the call for interest for 10 Gigabit Ethernet. Since then we have made substantial progress and are now at the point where we need to progress to the formal working group review process.
Following the January interim meeting, the task force resolved all technical and editorial comments from the circulation of draft 2.0. As directed, the editors created draft 2.1, which was then recirculated to the task force and commented upon. Under my direction, the editors were asked to create draft 2.2, which includes resolution to recirculation comments written against draft 2.1, which fall into the following two categories only:
1. comments that are purely editorial.
2. comments that are technical, but where the "mind of the committee" is indisputable. In short, editorial mistakes that have a technical bent. An example would be where a technical comment resolution in one part of the document should have been reflected elsewhere in the document but was missed.
While draft 2.1 represents the last "official" draft of the task force, draft 2.2 represents a document that is the more realistic representation of the work to be forwarded to 802.3 at Thursday's closing plenary. We will present to the Working Group only those changes we have made to draft 2.2 (not the more extensive set of changes to draft 2.1).
Both versions of draft are available on the IEEE reflector as is the comment database. Access information will be forwarded to 802.3 members under separate cover.
This represents a substantial piece of work comprising over 500 pages of technical material. We are aware that the document is not yet perfect. But, we are confident that with those several changes to be made during next weeks meeting, you will be satisfied that we have met the target of being technically complete and ready for task force review.
Remember, this is not a request for review and comment. That will come following the plenary week. I bet you can't wait :-)

Jonathan Thatcher
Chair, IEEE P802.3ae Task Force
Office: 509.242.9228  Fax: 509.242.9001