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clause 48 D2.2


	In Fig. 48-8, PCS synchronization state diagram, there is an o/p
variable "enable_cdet". Isn't is supposed to be enable_cdet<0:3>, same as
lane_sync_status<0:3> ?
	Also, what's the actual "physical" purpose of this variable? By 
definition, it enables/disables COMMA detection. But, like lane_sync_status
determines the definition for sync_status, I can't see the same with 
"enable_cdet", and also with "enbale_deskew" other than enable/disable

	Also, D2.0 was using "cgbad" and "cggood" variables for Synchronization.
Although D2.2 Synchronization is not using them, they are still defined 
under " Variables". What's there new role for D2.2 ?