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RE: clause 48 D2.2

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Sent: Friday, March 09, 2001 9:08 AM
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Subject: clause 48 D2.2


	In Fig. 48-8, PCS synchronization state diagram, there is an o/p
variable "enable_cdet". Isn't is supposed to be enable_cdet<0:3>, same as
lane_sync_status<0:3> ?

<PAT> I'll leave that to Rich though I think the answer is that the
variables that are local to the sync state machines are not labeled with
their lane. <PAT>
	Also, what's the actual "physical" purpose of this variable? By 
definition, it enables/disables COMMA detection. But, like lane_sync_status
determines the definition for sync_status, I can't see the same with 
"enable_cdet", and also with "enbale_deskew" other than enable/disable

<PAT> enable_cdet enables the comma detection which looks commas regardless
of code group boundaries and sets the code group boundary when it finds one.
This is an essential part of the sync process and the variable definition
make its purpose clear. Once a comma has been found, enable_cdet is set
false and code groups are examined with the alignment that has been set.
enable_deskew accomplishes a similar purpose for the alignment process.

	Also, D2.0 was using "cgbad" and "cggood" variables for
Although D2.2 Synchronization is not using them, they are still defined 
under " Variables". What's there new role for D2.2 ?

<PAT> It looks like they could be deleted. <PAT>