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RE: WG Ballot Question

In Working Group ballots during my tenure in 802.3, we have always
considered all comments, independent of the commenter's status as a voter.
We want to improve the quality of the draft as fast as possible, so it would
be short-sighted to ignore an error pointed out by a non-voter.  

There are differences in the formal process.  For example, if a non-voter
labeled a comment Technical Required, it will not be treated the same as a
Technical Required comment from a voter because there is no vote to try to
change from Disapprove to Approve.  For the voter, we will have to get the
commenter to sign off that the TR comment is satisfied or it is recirculated
as a disapprove vote.  

--Bob Grow

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From: Gareth Edwards [mailto:Gareth.Edwards@xxxxxxxxxx]
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Subject: WG Ballot Question

Quick procedural question:

When the D3.0 goes to WG ballot, are only 802.3 voters allowed to
comment on the draft? I understand the position on the vote but not on
the feedback process.


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