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Re: WG Ballot Question


Anyone who has a draft is hand is welcome to give us comments.
We welcome broad scrutiny by knowledgeable reviewers
How those comments are considered can depend on your status though. If you 
find a defect in the draft we will certainly repair it. If you have an 
opinion with regard to the technical content it will be considered, however 
more weight will be given to the voting members who formulated the draft or 
who put in ballot comments on the issue.

I hope this answers your question.

Best regards,

Geoff Thompson, Chair, IEEE 802.3

At 09:23 AM 3/20/01 +0000, Gareth Edwards wrote:

>Quick procedural question:
>When the D3.0 goes to WG ballot, are only 802.3 voters allowed to
>comment on the draft? I understand the position on the vote but not on
>the feedback process.
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