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RE: Ethernet Characteristics re: packet loss

Thanks for the URL. That is the Molle paper. I wasn't sure if it was on the
web. The Boggs paper on the site is an Ethernet classic and has similar
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looking for a link?  perhaps it's this:
<>  html

i imagine there are others.

At 11:58 AM 23-03-01 -0500, Joe Gwinn wrote:

At 11:49 AM 1/3/20, pat_thaler@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>Roy and all,
>I've been trying to ignore this discussion because CSMA/CD efficiency isn't
>that relevant given the high usage of full duplex today but I just can't
>stand to see misconceptions propagated.
>If any of you want to understand efficiency and performance of CSMA/CD
>throughly, read Mart Molle's excellent work on the subject.

Would you care to suggest some specific references worth reading?