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Clause 48: enable_cdet

Title: Clause 48: enable_cdet

Rich, I'd like some clarification on this before deciding on whether to enter a comment on D2.3. 

In Figure 48.8,
   In the LOSS_OF_SYNC state, enable_cdet = true.
   Exiting LOSS_OF_SYNC state is dependent on valid signal detect and detecting a comma. 
   In the COMMA_DETECT_1 state, enable_cdet = false.
   Exiting COMMA_DETECT_1 to go to COMMA_DETECT_2 is dependent on a valid comma. 

How do you get to COMMA_DETECT_2 when comma detect is turned off?  

Also, on a more generic note, why turn off comma detect so early in the sync state machine?


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