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A simple solution: bit ordering on XSBI vs SFI-4

In a message dated 3/28/01 12:13:47 AM Pacific Standard Time,
dkabal@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

logical service interface -> physical instantiation
tx_data-group<15:0> map to xsbi_tx<0:15>
rx_data-group<15:0> map to xsbi_rx<0:15>

Thus, the physical instantiation, and the physical instantiation only, will
have bits which have a name that matches the intended bit order. The service
interface will preserve Ethernet bit ordering in this proposed change. I
think this satisfies the original purpose behind the change proposed by
Justin and then alternately by me. This would only affect clause 51, and a
short explanation and diagram would show the mapping between the two,
differently named sixteen bits.


I spoke w/ Pat Thaler about all this off line and we are converging on a
Looks like the best way is to leave things as is with the addition of a
section in
my clause to map signal names between XSBI and SFI similar to your suggestion.
In fact, I like what you wrote. This is short and sweet and would highlight
this point
to any reader of the standard.

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