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preamble management attributes

Hi Brad,

At 11:46 AM 03/29/2001 -0800, Booth, Bradley wrote:
>I guess I'm just surprised that preamble has suddenly become so important.
>To me, the Ethernet frame has always been more important to the MAC than the
>Ethernet packet.  If we're going to put so much importance on the preamble,
>then should we be added management attributes for it?

I support you to add management attribute for preamble in
DTE MAC Sublayer Management facilities Subclause with
object preambleError with highest priority. Means if a frame with
bad preamble length (less than 7 bytes for MAC) and/or no 
SFD byte is received the frame is dropped by the MAC and only 
counter incremented for the dropped frame. 

For that matter I have changed the thread for further comments
if this is to proceed.