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Re: Chapter 46: preamble length

Since we seem to be taking a poll - I agree with Bob.

Grow, Bob wrote:


I wish this thread would die, and will not further discuss the merits of
<snip>   Clause 46 requires the
RS to pass a lane 0 aligned Start, {n*4+2}preamble, SFD ... to MAC as
{n*4+3}preamble, SFD ... and there is no option to treat it as an error if n
is equal to 0.  As previously pointed out, the current PHYs don't know
what's preamble.
>>                 <snip>. Also, where in the draft does it allow an
>>                 implementation to change the length of the preamble?
The way Clause 46 is written is not wrong, it is flexible. The way the
remainder of 802.3ae is written does not allow changes in preamble

We can not predict what the future holds. The current specification
both mandates an 8 byte total (since there is no where to change it)
and allows future implementations to optimize this.

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