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Re: MDIO addressing


You access the DTE-XS registers (including any of its
'PCS' control registers) by sending MDIO frames with a
DEVAD = 5 onto the MDIO bus, similarly the PHY-XS is
accessed by sending frames with a DEVAD = 4 and the
10GBASE-R PCS or 10GBASE-X PCS is accessed by sending
frames with a DEVAD = 3. This allows individual and
separate configuration of each of the devices.

The PCS device (3) in table 45-1 refers to the PCS
device within the PHY area of figure 46-1 (the box
just above PMA). It comprises the 10GBASE-R PCS or the
10GBASE-X PCS - depending on your port type.


--- "Stefan M. Wurster" <stefan@xxxxxxxx> wrote: > 
> When using a configuration as in figure 46-1, how
> does one address the
> individual PCSs (the PCS of the DTE-XS, the PCS of
> the PHY-XS and the PCS of
> the "PHY" device going to the optics).
> Given that each PCS could be configured in a
> different fashion in each
> device, how is this handled within the Management
> Interface?
> Also, what does the PCS device #3 in Table 45-1
> refer to?
> Which of the PCSs (referring to figure 46-1) does it
> comprise?
> Stefan Wurster
> Dir. Engineering
> TDK Semiconductor

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