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Wis transmitter sync??


  I guess its time for another one of my naive questions.

  How does the WIS transmitter know when the PCS is sending it good
data? I don't
see WIS_SIGNAL.request primitive for the transmitter that delineates
good data in the WIS service interface description. Does the transmitter
just assume that data starts up after reset?

  It looks like the receiver delineates data from the PMA by looking for
the A1/A2 boundary and then passing the
WIS_SIGNAL.indicate(SIGNAL_DETECT) primitive to the PCS and the PCS
passes back that it is processing that data via the
WIS_SIGNAL.request(PCS_R_STATUS). So what is the corresponding mechanism
for the transmitter?

  Thanks again, Frank

  F. Moore
  Sr. Staff Engr.
  Mitsubishi Electric and Electronics USA
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  Durham, NC 27713
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