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10 GMAC RMON register

Title: 10 GMAC RMON register


        IEEE 802.3, 1998 edition,  page 764, section, defines the alnRangeLengthErrors as:
        " the count of frames with Legth/Type field value between min  unpadded MAC client data size
        and the max allowed MAC client data size inclusive, that does not match the MAC client data
        octets.  The counter also increments for  frames whose length value is less than the min allowed
        unpadded MAC client data size and the number of MAC client data octets received is greater than
        the min unpadded MAC client data size. "

        The underlined portion of this definition is ambiguous.  It seems to me that the counter also increments
        for frames whose length is < 46 bytes, AND the MAC client data octes is > 46 Bytes.

        Please clarify, and confirm if the statment in red is correct.

        Esmail Kalami
        Silicon Packet Inc
        (408) 382-6692