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RE: Inter-frame transmission length

good questions Lior

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From: Lior Reem [mailto:LReem@xxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Sunday, April 29, 2001 3:12 AM
To: '802.3ae'
Subject: Inter-frame transmission length


In D1.1 clause, a Table (46-4) was attached, which described how to
implement an IPG of 12 bytes in average.
Since then, the following draft excluded this table, and almost nothing is
said about how IPG should be transmitted.
This clause doesn't even talks about the average IPG length anymore, which
looks like a real "hole" in the text.
Why is the inter-frame length table excluded?
Is it to enable more flexibility? 
Is it aloud to transmit other IPG length algorithms (any exist)?
Is it aloud to transmit shorter average IPG?


Lior Re'em
Avaya Inc.
Email : lreem@xxxxxxxxx