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Re: fault pinpointing in case of 10gbe


All of the fault reporting bytes have been retained in the WIS.  If the 
fault was the nature of a fiber cut, then the fault will be 
dual-simplex.  The insertion of AIS by intermediate active DWDM LREs will 
cause a loss of PCS sync at both receivers.  That, along with other WIS 
overhead byte information will indicate that somewhere in the service 
provider active DWDM optical network there was a fault.  If the DWDM system 
has automatic protection at the section level, as some systems do, then a 
fiber cut will be restored, PCS sysnc will be recovered and traffic will be 
restored at the receiver ends of the network.  If the fault was simplex, 
like the failure of a DWDM transporder/LRE/SRE, then only one receiver will 
receive an AIS, and the transmitter side of that interface will insert an 
error/fault indicator in the return overhead bytes.  That way the end that 
is still receiving active traffic will have an indication that there has 
been a fault in the network.

Thank you,
Roy Bynum

At 03:07 PM 5/5/01 -0400, Ashwin Kumar .T.C. wrote:

>Hi All
>I have this question regarding how the sanity of the signal i.e, 10gbe
>which travels  across lot many networks and ultimately drops as
>10gb at the destination Ethernet detected and measured.
>SONET uses  the Path AIS and other signalling to pinpoint the error.
>But how does the 10gbe take care of this.
>The typical case is :
>10g ethernet                                10g
>ethernet                                                  10g ethernet
>------------->Ring with DWDM -------------> Ring with DWDM or
>So in this case how is the error detection done at the destination
>Ethernet setup.
>Is RMON the answer to this.
>Are there any alternatives to this in 10gb e.
>What is it in the signal that carries the info regarding the fault and
>how is this decoded at the required.
>Any pointers to this will be of great help to me.
>Thanks & Regards