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RE: Clarification wanted: Draft 3.0 Figure 46-9 Link Fault Signaling State Machine


I agree that a state machine showing the increment of the counter is
unnecessary, but I want to point out that the incrementing of the counter in
the current document is explicit in the definition of col_cnt and not

The col_cnt definition says explicitly: "This counter increments at RX_CLK
rate (on both the rising and falling clock transitions) unless reset." 

This is the way most watchdog 802.3 counters and timers work. A little state
machine to count columns wouldn't be any clearer and wouldn't enhance
understandability of the state machines. 


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The definition of col_cnt in 46.3.4 on page 255 implies that
col_cnt increments with both edges of RX_CLK unless it is
reset. Explicit increment is unnecessary.


Daniel Koehler wrote:
> Hello,
> by inspecting Figure 46-9 in draft D3.0 on page 256 we see the following
> implementation problems.
> The States "COUNT" and "FAULT" reset the counter col_cnt to zero.
> But col_cnt is never incremented in any state, so the exit of these states
> based on col_cnt > 127 will never be reached.
> Is there some implicit meanins we just missed, or is the diagram not
correct ?
> Another question: Is there a Jitter Spec on the XGMII TX/RX clocks ?
> Regards,
> Daniel
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