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questions on receive state diagram and check_end function of 10GBASE_X PCS


I have some questions on 10GBASE-X PCS receive state diagram and the
check_end function associated with it.

1. According to Figure 48-9 on page 307 of D3.0, check_end function should
be performed in both
DATA_MODE_START and TERMINATE states. But based on the check_end function
definition on
page 300, check_end function should be performed in TERMINATE state and on
the column following

2. In the definition of check_end on page 300, the second part of the
paragraph reads "The XGMII Error
control character is also returned in all lanes greater than n in the
column prior to ||T||, where n identifies the
specific Terminate ordered-set ||Tn||, for which a running disparity error
or any code group other than /A/ or /K/
are recognized in the corresponding lane of ||T||."  The problem here is
that the code group in ||T|| can only
by /K/ (if any), and can not be /A/.

3. In the check_end function, if a running disparity error or non-/A/,
non-/K/ is found in ||T|| column or in the
column following ||T||, do we return /E/ in place of the erroneous /A/ or
/K/ or return /A/ or /K/ itself?

Thank you for your attention.

Jianbin Hao

Mindspeed Technologies
San Jose Design Center