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Re: XGMII or SPI-4 ?


The XGMII is specified in the standard as between the MAC/RS
and the PHY layers. The SPI-4 is not a part of the IEEE standard
but rather an interface specified by the OIF. It is often
considered to exist "above" the MAC layer. Since it is not
specified, and since none of the interfaces specified in the
P802.3ae draft are mandatory, the use of either, neither or
both is completely acceptable. The market will eventually
decided which interfaces are preferred.


> Wang Wendeh wrote:
> Hi all,
> Maybe this thread has been discussed before, but I just added in this
> mailing list for a few days.
> Can anyone tell me which one ( XGMII or SPI-4) will be adopted for
> implementation between
> link-layer and physical-layer device? The 10G standard proposes XGMII,
> while it seems to be that
> vendors favor SPI-4, right? Or maybe this two interfaces can co-exist
> ??
> Thanks a lot!
> WenDeh

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