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RE: XGMII or SPI-4 ?

Hello WenDeh,
it would have to be SPI4-2 for 650MHz. I agree with your confusion and I have not seen any customers being very decisive about it. The HSTL interface for the XGMII is much simpler to implement, but I think the SPI4-2 is a more elegant solution. The selection of capable implementors is less than for the slower version.
Stefan Wurster

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Subject: XGMII or SPI-4 ?

Hi all,
Maybe this thread has been discussed before, but I just added in this mailing list for a few days.
Can anyone tell me which one ( XGMII or SPI-4) will be adopted for implementation between
link-layer and physical-layer device? The 10G standard proposes XGMII, while it seems to be that
vendors favor SPI-4, right? Or maybe this two interfaces can co-exist ??
Thanks a lot!