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RE: Question on Jumbo Frame support on 10 GbE

Hi Mike, 

Many thanks for the insight.  Is that meant the support of Jumbo frame also
not a standard for 1GbE?  However, I find many 1GbE products advertised
Jumbo frame support upto 9K.  Is that meant this is only a value added

More insight on this would be very grateful.  Many thanks....

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Subject: RE: Question on Jumbo Frame support on 10 GbE


Jumbo frames (with the exception of 1522 bytes for vlan tags) are not
specified in any 802.3 standard.  There would have been a serious problem
with backward compatibility with other than 10 GbE equipment if we had
included support in 802.3ae.  Since jumbo frames would have to have been
standardized throughout 802.3 it was declared outside the scope of 802.3ae.



Mike Bennett
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

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Subject: Question on Jumbo Frame support on 10 GbE

Hi all,

If my understanding is correct, the support of Jumbo Frame is not currently
within the scope of 10GbE.  May I ask what is the rationale behind this

Many thanks in advance for your help....