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Re: Clause 46: Sequence Ordered Sets


"Sanati, Jennifer" wrote:
> Hello everyone,
>    I have some questions regarding the detection of Sequence Ordered Sets
> that are transmitted on the XGMII interface.
> 1)  On the transmit side of the XGMII, are Remote Faults the only type of
> faults that can occur and are recognized by the PCS 64B/66B, type 10GBASE-R?

The RS will only generate a Remote Fault (in response to the
detection of Local Fault at its receiver). However, if a
XAUI exists to extend the XGMII between the RS and the PCS
and if the PHY XGXS is not in sync/alignment then it can
generate a Local Fault towards the PCS.

> 2)  Section 46.3.4 specifies the four-byte Ordered-Sets bit configuration
> for LFs and RFs.  What possible type of Sequences can occur in Byte Lane 0?
> For RFs?  For LFs?

The only valid Sequence value in lane 0 is 0x9C, the
Sequence encoding from table 46-2 & 46-3.


> I would appreciate some clarification regarding these questions,
> Thank you,
> Jennifer.

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