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Re: [802.3ae] MDIO/MDC I/O drivers


The MDIO electrical interface specification is based around a VDD = 1.2V
instantiation of the JEDEC JESD8-11 specification.  Some additional
parameters have also been added.

V(IH) is specified as 0.84V min,
V(IL) is specified as 0.36V max,
The current drive is specified as 4mA min,
The input capacitance is specified as 10pF max,
The bus loading is specified as 470pF max,
The maximum input voltage range is specified as being between -0.3V and

The specification is intended to allow for a system to be built entirely
out of tri-stateable 1.2V CMOS drivers. Alternatively, it is possible to
implement the bus using open-drain drivers with a single resistor pulling
the MDIO up to 1.2V (this is shown in Annex 45A, Figure 45A-1).

I encourage all those interested to review the specification and comment
on it on the reflector or at the next round of draft comments.

(Clause 45 Editor)

jacob wrote:

> Hello,
> Does the MDIO and MDC I/O drivers comply to any of the standard JEDEC/
> EIA I/O buffers?
> Thanx in advance,
> -Jacob