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[802.3ae] RE: Voting

I assume in joining IEEE you are also joining the IEEE-SA as described in
Jonathan's note below.  You also need to join the Sponsor Ballot pool per
the URLs below.  Once in the sponsor ballot pool, you will receive a
invitation to ballot.  You then need to respond to the invitation to ballot
for 802.3ae.  

Bob Grow
Secretary, IEEE 802.3

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Subject: Voting

As discussed below, (hope this is the correct email(s)) but I have
completed the application for IEEE membership.  What else do I need to do
for the IEEE 802.3ae, in order to participate in the ballot.  Please let me

As you are all aware, the 802.3ae plan is  to ask permission at the July
meeting to proceed to sponsor ballot. Only  sponsor ballot group members
will be able to vote* to approve, or disapprove  drafts during this phase
of our work.

During the March plenary meeting, IEEE P802.3ae requested Geoff Thompson
as chair of the IEEE 802.3 Working Group to create an LMSC sponsor ballot
pool  for the next cycle of draft review beyond the 802.3 Working Group
ballot. Geoff  can do so any time prior to our next plenary in July.

If you are interested in participating in the sponsor ballot, you must be
(or become soon) a member of the  LMSC Sponsor Ballot Pool. To be a member
in the LMSC Sponsor Ballot Pool you  must:

   Be  a member of the IEEE Standards Association [ ]. Only  IEEE Standards
   Association members are eligible balloters on IEEE proposed  standards.
   An individual membership application can be found at . A corporate
   membership  application can be found at . Dues information
   can be  found at: along
   with other  FAQs.All balloting on 802 Standards projects is by
   Complete the On-line [ ] Request Form To
   Join an IEEE Balloting Pool form. (If you prefer print out the IEEE
   LAN/MAN  Standards Committee Balloting Pool form [ ] and fax it to
   Carol Buonfiglio [] at the
   IEEE. The FAX number for Ms. Buonfiglio is  732-562-1571.)

After you have completed this, whenever a balloting group is formed to
ballot on a proposed IEEE 802 standard within your interest profile you
will be  asked if you wish to be in that particular balloting group. This
information can  be found in the IEEE 802.3 operating rules at the URL:

* Note: per tradition, the chair intends  to offer to those who are not
members of the sponsor ballot group, who  wish to submit comments, to do so
in their behalf. It should be clear that  he will vote his own conscience,

Jonathan Thatcher
Principal Engineer, World Wide  Packets
Chair, IEEE  P802.3ae Task Force
Office:  509.242.9228  Fax: 509.242.9001