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[802.3ae] Random questions regarding WIS

	I have some questions which occur to me as I study the WIS
interface.  I am writing them as I think of them, so the order will be
random.  Please pardon my ignorance, as my experience in this area is

	1.)  ( "The format of the WIS Identifier is specified in".  Unfortunately, that section is not included in the draft.
Could someone clue me in, please?

	2.)  In 10GBASE-R, what does the "R" stand for?

	3.)  The read/write status for WIS identifier is not listed - what
is it?  (Is this specified in

	That appears to be all for now.  Thanks for any help you can give.

/|/|ike /+yers
Editor, WIS interface MIB draft
IETF hubmib WG