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RE: [802.3ae] Comment about D3.1 "Sequence Q"

A change to this text should be editorial because the state machines specify
the behavior and have precedence over the text. 

However, the suggested change text is not accurate either. Sequence
ordered_sets are not always sent continuously on the XGMII. When they are
generated by the 10GBASE-X sublayer, they will be sent continuously but when
they are received having passed through a 10GBASE-X transmit process they
will be sent as they are received (which will be once every 16 to 32

When the 10GBASE-X receive process detects a fault, it sends the LF sequence
ordered_set continuously to the XGMII. When the 10GBASE-X transmit process
receives sequence ordered_sets, it sends a sequence ordered_set in the
collumn that follows the column following the ||A|| ordered_set. When the
receive process receives a sequence ordered_set, it sends that sequence

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Subject: [802.3ae] Comment about D3.1 "Sequence Q"

I think that the following change should be doen in the Draft:

Instead of "Sequence ordered set are always sent in the column that follows
an ||A|| ordered-set...etc"

"Sequence ordered set are always sent continuously on the XGMII (When fault
is detected by the 10GBASE-X Receive process) and  always sent in the column
that follows an ||A|| ordered-set on the tx_code-group[39:0]"

It may be considered editorial, thus preventing recirculation if necessary.