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[802.3ae] regarding Clause Receive

The draft says:

The Receive process operates in two modes:

a) Idle mode during packet reception including Start and Terminate. Additionally, Data mode is active

whenever !||I|| columns are received during the Idle sequence or !||I|| or !||Q|| columns are received

during the Fault sequence signifying either an error or unusual or unsupported indication. Valid

code-groups received while in Data mode are mapped to corresponding XGMII data or control characters

regardless of whether or not the control characters are valid XGMII control characters. Invalid

or Error code-groups are mapped directly to XGMII Error control characters. All code-groups are

mapped on a lane by lane basis;

b) Data mode during idle reception excluding Start and Terminate. Idle mode is active whenever ||I|| is

received during idle reception. ||I|| is translated to XGMII Idle control characters.


Shouldn't this read 

 (a)  Data Mode instead of Idle Mode and

(b)  Idle Mode instead of Data Mode

at the start of the paragraphs.




LSI Logic.