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RE: [802.3ae] Gig Ethernet over SONET


Thanks for your information. Some one also referred me to ITU
work on X.86 (Etherner over LAPS), LAPS stands for Link Access
Procedure over SDH. What is the relationship between GFP and LAPS???


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Charles, Bruce,

This is no longer called EoS but GFP (Generic Framing
Procedure). T1X1 has approved GFP, but is still working on
extentions. ITU-T has copied the work from T1X1 into the
document G.gfp. Their objective is to have approval in October
2001. ETSI will refer to ITU-T.


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Bruce Tolley wrote:
> Charles
> This work is taking place in T1X1. You can go to the T1
> URL  and seach on EoS to find the relevant documents.
> I assume you are aware of clause 50 of IEEE 802.3ae which specifies the WAN
> interface sublayer.
> Bruce Tolley
> Cisco Systems
> At 02:14 AM 6/23/01 -0700, Charles Chen wrote:
> >Appreciate any information or pointers on Ethernet over SONET?
> >Some one mentioned that there is an ITU standard which specifies
> >the transport Ethernet as a concatenated signal in the SONET
> >frame.
> >
> >Charles