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RE: [802.3ae] a bit concerned...


Your concern is legitimate.  Interoperability between transceiver vendors
has always been a rare occurrence (at least in the datacom space).
Difficult to explain it, but one factor is that transceivers are 1 or 2
levels away from the end user....not quite the incentive that OEM vendors
would have.  In an ideal world, interoperability between transceiver vendors
should occur well ahead of interoperability between OEMs.  But it never
happens that way.

In light of this reluctant culture, may I suggest the OEM vendors
individually sponsor interop testing for transceiver vendors.  The only
"open" interop testing I've seen are ones between OEM vendors.  Adding
various transceiver vendors to the mix adds complexities and are therefore
not encouraged.

PS: There are demonstrated products in SW serial PMD's.

Chris Simoneaux

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>From: Booth, Bradley [mailto:bradley.booth@xxxxxxxxx]
>Sent: Monday, July 02, 2001 4:37 PM
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>Subject: [802.3ae] a bit concerned...
>Just so everyone in the Task Force is aware, we have had very 
>low volume of
>comments submitted so far.  I do have some concern as we 
>contemplate moving
>forward to Sponsor ballot.  My primary concern is that of 
>demonstrated 10GbE
>interoperability.  Without some level of interoperability 
>work, we may not
>have a draft that has been reviewed and debugged as 
>extensively as it needs
>to be.  The lack of comments along with the lack of 
>demonstrated product is
>of grave concern to me.
>Thank you,