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Re: [802.3ae] a bit concerned...

Roy, PMDers,

Please forgive my naivete, but I thought the PMDs for LAN
and WAN were identical except for clock rate. Are vendors
actually suggesting that one must use a different component
in order to switch from 10GBASE-LR to 10GBASE-LW?


Roy Bynum wrote:
> Brad,
> As a customer that gets information individually from the vendors,
> including transceiver vendors, I have concerns over the discrepancy with
> OEM vendors that are pushing to develop the LAN PHY early instead of the
> WAN PHY and the ability of the transceiver vendors ability to deliver the
> WAN PHY PMD earlier than the LAN PHY PMD.  The issue that I have seen is
> stability at the higher signaling rate of the LAN PHY.  I am saying this in
> general context, not commenting on any one or group of  system, component,
> or PMD vendors.
> This could make for some discrepancies in the ability to do feasibility
> and/or inter-operability testing, perhaps even in September.
> Thank you,
> Roy Bynum
> At 03:37 PM 7/2/01 -0700, Booth, Bradley wrote:
> >Just so everyone in the Task Force is aware, we have had very low volume of
> >comments submitted so far.  I do have some concern as we contemplate moving
> >forward to Sponsor ballot.  My primary concern is that of demonstrated 10GbE
> >interoperability.  Without some level of interoperability work, we may not
> >have a draft that has been reviewed and debugged as extensively as it needs
> >to be.  The lack of comments along with the lack of demonstrated product is
> >of grave concern to me.
> >
> >Thank you,
> >Brad

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