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[802.3af] IEEE 802.3 Plenary Meeting

I attended the IEEE 802.3 Plenary meeting hold in Portland, OR, between July
8 and 13. During the week I attended meetings of the 802.3ae and 802.3af
Task Forces, and discussed with the respective groups the Internet-Drafts
that were issued by our WG. Please find below a list of issues related to
the WIS MIB and the Powered Ethernet MIB that were forwarded during the
meetings to our attention.

The editors of the WIS MIB and Power Ethernet MIB are kindly requested to
take these inputs into consideration for the next iteration of the drafts. 


*	The MIB object etherWisDeviceJitterTestMode does not map well to the
current definition in the IEEE Draft, D3.1., Clause 45, section
What is required are the following three variables:
*	etherWisJitterTestPattern - with values square wave jitter pattern
and pseudo random jitter pattern
*	etherWisRxJitterTestEnable 
*	etherWisTxJitterTestEnable  
*	etherWisSectionCurrentStatus - there are no LinkDown and LocalFault
bits for Section - need to be taken out
*	need to add an object threshold for severity criteria - see
aSectionSesThreshold - as in
*	object for Line Threshold needs to be added - see aLineSesThreshold
- as in
*	objects for FarEndLine is missing
*	objects for farEndPath is missing
*	pathThreshold is missing - see aPathSesThreshold - as in
*	The unavailability objects etherWisLineCurrentUASs,
etherWisLineIntervalUASs, etherWisPathCurrentUASs, etherWisPathIntervalUASs
have no correspondence in the IEEE objects - this needs to be documented in
the mapping section and/or in the DESCRIPTION clauses of the respective MIB

Power Ethernet MIB

*	add object oethPdPortClass - agent in PD should fill in this value
*	clarify how value of pethPortType is acquired
*	add section of mapping between the MIB object and the IEEE objects /
HW bits definition. It was agreed that at this stage the IEEE standard is
not stable, and this section will be added closer t the finalization of the
802.3af work