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RE: [802.3ae] XAUI return loss


Most XAUI participants of the 10GbE task force see the issue as you do.
There is an formal comment standing against the draft on this point and it
qualifies as one of the few XAUI technical issues of enough importance to
still justify changes to the draft standard at this late point. The XAUI
focus group is seeking real measured data on the return loss to determine
what is practically achievable. They would also like to know how far the
spec can be lowered without negatively affecting link performance. If you
can contribute any pertinent data or analysis, it would be greatly
appreciated. Thank you, Steven.

-Dawson Kesling
 Editor for IEEE 802.3ae Clause 47 (XAUI)

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From: Steven Shen [mailto:ss_shen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Friday, July 20, 2001 7:30 PM
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Subject: [802.3ae] XAUI return loss

Hi Gentlemen:

The current TX XAUI return-loss is 10dB for differential signal which is

almost not feasible with current ESD technology. Please consider.


Best Regards
Steven Shen
Silicon Bridge Inc.