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[802.3ae] RE: Interim meeting schedule


My recollection was that I had tried to push for support of a single
(potentially long) day. When we did the straw poll, support for this was not
as strong as for either 1.5 (assumed that few could leave in the afternoon
and fly home) or 2.0 days (the strongest, providing maximum flexibility to
complete the work).

The workload will, of course, depend completely on the number of comments we
receive on this recirculation. I think that we can fairly accurately predict
that the large majority of the work will be confined to clauses 52 and 53
(with potential overflow to 45). On the assumption that the c52/c53 work is
significantly lighter than we have seen to date, we should be able to finish
our work in one long day. If not....


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> From: THALER,PAT (A-Roseville,ex1) [mailto:pat_thaler@xxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Tuesday, July 24, 2001 9:41 AM
> To: Jonathan Thatcher; HSSG_reflector (E-mail)
> Subject: Interim meeting schedule
> Jonathan,
> I thought that the conclusion at the plenary meeting was that 
> the September
> interim for 802.3ae would end on Thursday, but the meeting 
> registration site
> is indicating that we will go all day Friday. What is the plan?
> Pat