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Re: [802.3ae] 10GbE WAN PHY vs. GFP

Tae Kyu Kang,

There is a radical difference between 10GbE of all types and GFP.  The coding scheme used for GFP was rejected for use in 10GbE.  GFP is for use in mapping all sorts of non-transmission based protocols, not just Ethernet, into a transmission infrastructure overhead.  10GbE WAN PHY already has the transmission infrastructure overhead.  GFP is un-needed to support 10GbE when the WAN PHY is used.

Thank you,
Roy Bynum

At 07:17 PM 7/27/01 +0900, tkkang@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

What's the main difference between 10GbE WAN PHY(WIS) and
GFP(Generic Framing Procedure) ?
I think GFP is similar to WIS function.(GFP have the WIS function)
Does 10GbE Std. adopt GFP in WAN PHY ?

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