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Re: [802.3af] Have We Been Snuckered?


I seem to remember that the Adams Mark was where a few of our meetings were held not too long ago... some may be planned in the future, so it might have some place here as staying there might be considered endorsing a company's policy's if we stay there to a few people in the IEEE....

just an odd thought....

At 01:48 PM 8/2/2001 -0700, Jack Andresen wrote:
>Why is this being aired on 802.3af? Not appropriate!
>Jack Andresen
>Thomas Dineen wrote:
>> Gentlemen:
>>    From Page 1 of the Wall Street Journal Monday 07/30:
>> "Adam's Mark Hotels sued the NAACP to force the end of a boycott
>> the civil rights group has been conducting over alleged mistreatment
>> of black guests. The NAACP president called the suit a bid to stifle
>> protest."
>> Above shown is the is the complete article.
>> Thomas Dineen

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