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[802.3ae] FW: Apparent Inconsistencies in P802.3ae D3.1

Here is Mike Heard's comments to Roy's question. 

(My personal observation would be that it looks like a G1 content and not
only format issue)



-----Original Message-----
From: C. M. Heard [mailto:heard@xxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Monday, August 06, 2001 4:11 AM
To: Roy Bynum
Cc: Dan Romascanu; Geoff Thompson
Subject: Re: Apparent Inconsistencies in P802.3ae D3.1

[ replying off-list because I'm not a member of the HSSG reflector ]

On Sun, 5 Aug 2001, Roy Bynum wrote:
> Does the different formats of the G1 contents change the meaning of the G1

> contents?

I'm sorry, but I'm confused by this question. There is only one
format for G1 specified for the WIS --

1 2 3 4   5 6 7       8

  REI-P   ERDI-P      not used

There is an alternate format for SONET (one-bit RDI, signalled in
bit 5 of G1, with bits 6 and 7 not used), but that's not used by
the WIS.

> If the different formats of the remote fault messages do not 
> have different meanings, how would change the notification by
> the MIB that a WIS remote fault message had been received?

Succintly, the problem is that one remote defect code -- 101 in
bits 5, 6, 7 -- is shared to report all kinds or remote server
defects, i.e., AIS-P and LOP-P.  However, aFarEndPathStatus and
the 10G WIS Status 3 register have separate bits for remote AIS-P
and remote LOP-P.  There is insufficient information available to
the receiver to figure out which bit to set.

I hope this helps.