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RE: [802.3ae] Wan Interface Sublayer


As for being able to transparently carry 10GbE WAN PHY over an optical 
network, no additional systems other than what already exists in the 
service provider infrastructure is required.  Only if the WAN PHY is 
multiplexed into another transmission system other than 10G SONET or SDH is 
additional infrastructure needed, which is required regardless of the 
protocol or PHY.

Thank you,
Roy Bynum

At 05:37 PM 8/19/01 +0300, Boaz Shahar wrote:

>I was wondering about the same issue. I believe the answers to your
>questions are (Anyone: Please correct me if i'm wrong):
>-The WIS cannot be routed transparently over the SONET infrastructure. In
>order to do so, you need a network element that will take the WIS frames and
>change it into the "real" SONET frame, with the SONET clock tolerance and
>with the proper Path, Line and section overhead to be used by the SONET
>-The SONET is not transparent to the WIS I/F: (I'm not so sure what you
>meant) You cannot receive a SONET frame that was not initially decoded as a
>WIS packet
>-To my understanding, the advantage of the WIS is that it slightly
>simplifies the structure of the network element that translates from
>Ethernet to SONET. In order to route from 10GBASE-R to SONET, for instance
>POS or EoS, you have to go to higher layers and do the framing in a
>different way (PoS or EoS way). You also have to buffer data because of rate
>differences. In WIS frames, there are still buffer to compensate for clock
>tolerance differences, but they are smaller. You also do not need to do
>again the framing process, since its already SONET.
>I hope it helps and will be glad to learn more about it.
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> > > From: Roy Bynum [mailto:rabynum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
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> > > The 10GbE WAN PHY in internally rate controlled.  It uses a
> > > 64/66 block
> > > encoding to map into the WIS overhead.  The 10GbE WAN PHY is
> > > designed to be
> > > compatible with SONET and SDH.
> >
> >       Could I then route WIS over an arbitrary SONET path?  Is WIS
> > transparent to a SONET network?  Is SONET delivery
> > transparent to a WIS
> > interface?
> >
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> >       Thanks,
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> > /|/|ike
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