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RE: [802.3ae] Wan Interface Sublayer

	The recent clock tolerance changes have aligned OC192 with 802.3ae for
clock accuracy and I do not believe there is an inherent affect on jitter.
There is a difference in the jitter budgets for OC192 and 802.3ae. A quick
summary is that the transmit jitter budget for SONET/SDH is tighter than
802.3ae and I believe the receive tolerance is larger for 802.3ae than for
SONET/SDH. Since it is desired that the 802.3ae 'W' interfaces are directly
compatible with the SONET/SDH network would it make some to align the 'W'
interface in all parameters?

Gerry Pepenella

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I do not know how the clock tolerance change may have changed the jitter
requirements.  I do not remember any change to the jitter specifications
that were a result of the clock tolerance change.  Do you think that there
should be?

Thank you,
Roy Bynum

At 08:29 AM 8/23/01 -0500, Gerry Pepenella wrote:
>         Does this apply to jitter requirements as well?
>Gerry Pepenella
>Silicon Laboratories
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>As of Draft 3.1, the clock tolerances of the WAN PHY transmitter are the
>same as SONET and SDH Class B SRE and LRE receivers.
>Thank You,
>Roy Bynum
>At 04:16 PM 8/21/01 -0500, Ayers, Mike wrote:
> > > From: Roy Bynum [mailto:rabynum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> > > Sent: Monday, August 20, 2001 07:15 AM
> >
> > > As for being able to transparently carry 10GbE WAN PHY over
> > > an optical
> > > network, no additional systems other than what already exists in the
> > > service provider infrastructure is required.  Only if the WAN PHY is
> > > multiplexed into another transmission system other than 10G
> > > SONET or SDH is
> > > additional infrastructure needed, which is required regardless of the
> > > protocol or PHY.
> >
> >         So the clock and tolerances for WIS and SONET are the same.
> >Correct?
> >
> >
> >/|/|ike