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RE: [802.3ae] Question about Clause 48 /D3.2


It appears that the line in did not get updated when the table was
changed - partly my fault since I made the comment that asked for the table
to be changed but didn't spot that there was a text line that needed to be
updated to match. I am submitting a ballot comment to delete the sentence
you quote form


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From: Boaz Shahar [mailto:boazs@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Sunday, August 26, 2001 12:26 AM
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Subject: [802.3ae] Question about Clause 48 /D3.2

My interpretation to lines 17-18 of table 48-2 is that while TXC=1,  all the
values of XGMII.TXD which are appearing in table 36-2 and not explicitly in
48-2 are translated to PCS Code-Group according to table 36-2, and are
defined as "Reserved XGMII Character" (According to the "Description" Column
in48-2). I suppose that if the intention was to translate it to K30.7, it
would be written explicitly, as was done in the next line for "Any other

However, in page 315, section says (L 18): "The PCS transmit
process replaces all reserved XGMII control characters with /E/".

So, the question is what to do with the "Reserved XGMII Characters" which
are appearing in table 36-2 and not in table 48-2.