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RE: [802.3ae] SMF Specification Question

Table 52-26 specifies the single mode fiber as IEC-60793-2 B1.1 and B1.3,
which are dispersion unshifted singlemode fibers, with the B1.3 being
extended wavelength band. (i.e. it supports applications between 1360 and
1460 nm). These fibers are well described in the IEC documents, including
core diameter. The core diameters of B1.1 and B1.3 fibers may vary as
specified in the IEC document. The description of 10 um for SMF that you
refer to in Table 52-25 is confusing, and we will propose an editorial
change to change "10 um SMF" to "SMF" in table  52-25.
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In reviewing the cable specifications for the 10GBase-LR and 10GBase-ER
PMD's, I have run into a point of confusion that I would hope someone could


The 3.2 draft calls out a 10um SMF specification but in examining various
cable types in the market, I find references to 8.2um SMF (Corning's SMF-28)
or 8.3um SMF (Lucent TrueWave) to name just a couple.


Why would the draft call out a core size that is larger than a core size
commonly used in the industry?  What am I missing here?




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