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[802.3ae] Intermin Meeting submission

Hello, Jonathan

Please find my submission to the 802.3ae Interim meeting. My
presentation in PDF format and the link-model white-paper will be
available to web-master prior to the meeting.

Best Regards

Presenter: Dubravko Babic, Alvesta Corporation
Title of presentation: Optical Link Model that treats jitter and
amplitude fluctuations jointly
Length of time: 20 min
Brief Description of the topic: A optical link model that treats both
jitter and amplitude fluctuations jointly is presented. This model
applies two restrictions on the unstressed (informative) receiver
sensitivity: (a) the jitter tolerance of the re-timer at TP4, and (b)
the difference between the jitter tolerance at TP4 and the jitter
requirement at the compliance point TP3. The link-model results are more
pessimistic than the currently used 10GbE model. These restrictions
should be considered to make sure that 10GbE links can be realized with
practical receivers and CDRs. The model is currently dedicated to MM
850nm links.