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RE: [802.3ae] Definition of K28.5

Fenghao Mu,
Both clause 36 and clause 48 use the same 8B/10B coding and the tables in
clause 36 apply to both. What does differ are some of the details of the way
the interface above the 8B/10B coding works (the GMII and the XGMII). The
column in Table 36-2  with the entry BC for K28.5 contains the "octet value"
of the codes. For the data codes, this column is the 8 bit value to which
they decode. For the control codes, it is a bit more abstract. It is the 8
bit data value which in combination with the control line will produce the
10 bit code out of the encoder logic. It is not a value that appears
external to the PCS layer.
Clause 36 does not have a table that covers exactly the same information as
the tables in clause 48-2 and 48-3. Those tables include information on the
XGMII code sent and what the corresponding PCS code group is. To get similar
information for Clause 36, one would have to combine Table 35-1 which gives
the GMII codes for various situations with Table 36-3 which defines the
ordered sets for 
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Hello All, 

In Table 48-2 and 48-3, the character K28.5 is defined as "07" 
in XGMII, but in Clause 36 Table 36-2 it is defined as "BC". 
Does it mean the 8B/10B coding methods are different for 1GE and 
10GE? Thanks 

Best regards 

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