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[802.3ae] FW: [802SEC] FW: Workshop on IP/Optical (Chitose, Japan, 9-11 July 2002)

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Subject: Fwd: [802SEC] FW: Workshop on IP/Optical (Chitose, Japan, 9-11
July 2002)

For your action or for forwarding to some or all of your membership as you 
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>Subject: [802SEC] FW: Workshop on IP/Optical (Chitose, Japan, 9-11 July
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>Subject: Workshop on IP/Optical (Chitose, Japan, 9-11 July 2002)
>Importance: High
>Dear Colleagues,
>I am writing to you on behalf of the Management Team to make you aware, in
>advance, of the Workshop on IP/Optical, scheduled to take place in Chitose,
>Japan from 9-11 July 2002.
>This workshop, organized by ITU-T in the framework of new initiatives to
>enhance the IP and OTN projects carried out by our SGs 13 and 15, aims also
>to involve other Study Groups and SDOs in these projects.
>The key topics and draft workshop structure are attached.
>As you can see, the workshop will be free of charge also for non ITU-T
>members.  I am therefore inviting you (or  your representative) to make a
>presentation at the opening session by illustrating in a 20-minute
>presentation, the studies and vision of your organization on IP/Optical
>studies.  The Session Coordinators may contact directly, representatives of
>your organization to seek contributions for their respective sessions.
>Similarly, IEC, IEEE and OIF representatives may also contact directly the
>Session Coordinators.  The addresses of the Session Coordinators ae given
>the SGs 13 and 15 website (management-team/list of rapporters):
>The guidelines for Session Coordinators are attached:
>I should therefore be grateful if you could share this information with the
>relevant groups in your organization.
>I wish to draw your attention, in particular, to the fact that it is our
>intention to post the convening letter for this workshop by
>28 March 2002 at the latest.  Information on the workshop will be posted in
>our ITU-T website at the following address:
>Hoping to receive a favourable response from you, I remain at your disposal
>for any further information needed.
>Yours sincerely,
>Fabio Bigi
>Advisor to the TSB Director
>  <<key topics.doc>>        <<guidelines.doc>>

key topics.doc


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