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802.3ae Draft 3.3 Reminder & Future Plan

Remember, the 802.3ae Working Group Draft 3.3 ballot closes on Wednesday, 7
November 2001

Please get your comments in.

Plan for rest of project

There have been several questions about the process going forward following
the recirculation of draft 3.3. I would like to respond with what I think
will happen and what I believe is the preferred path forward. This is a
subset of a large number of potential paths that might occur. Only one thing
is guaranteed, we will follow the rules:

Assumptions built into this plan:
There will be new technical comments to draft 3.3 that we will review during
the November meeting. Draft 3.3 comments flush out all remaining major

We all wish to maintain the schedule going forward.

Sponsor Ballot will require two recirculations.

We need the cleanest possible draft entering sponsor ballot (D3.4 / D4.0) in
order to minimize the number of sponsor ballot recirculations.

We need a final WG recirculation (D 3.4) with no "lightning rods (i.e. no
changing begging for new T's or TR's).

Probable Paths (note extra interim meeting during sponsor ballot in

Nov. 13-15        802.3ae responds to all new technical comments that are
written against changes from D3.2 to D3.3. We will seriously look at all big
ticket items that threaten to interfere with a clean sponsor ballot process
(meaning, the schedule below).

Nov. 15-16        Conditional approval for sponsor ballot
Nov. 16 (19)      Distribution of D3.4 and announcement of WG recirculation
Dec. 1 (Dec. 4)   D3.4 WG recirculation closes
Dec. 1-5 (4-5)    Validate that there are no new comments or negative
ballots that block progress (see rules)
Dec. 5            D4.0 to IEEE Ballot Services
Dec. 7            Distribution of D4.0 and announcement of Sponsor ballot
Jan. 11           Sponsor Ballot closes
Jan. 16-18        802.3ae interim meeting
Jan. 24 (28)      Distribution of D4.1 and announcement of SB recirculation
Feb. 8 (Feb. 12)  D4.1 SB recirculation closes
Feb. 12-13(14-15) Interim 802.3ae meeting (note Valentine's Day)
Feb. 19           Distribution of D4.2 (final draft) and announcement of SB
Feb. 20-Mar. 4    Electronic ballot by Exec for presubmission to RevCom
Mar. 6            D4.2 SB recirculation closes (final confirmation D4.2)
Mar. 8            Standards board submission deadline (D5.0)
Mar. 11-16        802.3 plenary meeting (802.3 and Exec review)
Mar. 19           Standards Board meeting (Std!)