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[802.3ae] Fwd: Electronic Invitation P802.3ae: Re-opening!


The "Invitation to Ballot" to become a member of the Sponsor Ballot Group 
for the balloting of:
         P802.3ae, Physical Layers and Management Parameters for 10 Gb/s 
has been reopened.

If you wished to vote on the 10 GbE draft at the IEEE level then this is 
your opportunity to apply to do so per the message below.

For your application to be successful you must be a member of:
         The IEEE -or- The Computer Society
         A member of the IEEE-SA (Standards Association)

If you have successfully applied earlier AND your e-mail was confirmed by 
the balloting office AND your e-mail address has not changed THEN you do 
not need to reapply.

IMPORTANT: There are 4 categories shown. You will be required to check one 
of the categories. They are:
      General Interest
Categories and balance between categories are a requirement of ANSI. The 
pool is being reopened because the current list doesn't meet the balance 
requirements. Too many of the applicants have described themselves as 
"Producers". Please encourage colleagues from the other categories to sign 
up. If there is any ambiguity in your description of yourself as "Producer" 
or something else then please choose another category. If we do not achieve 
"balance" then the ballot cannot go forward.


Geoff Thompson, Chair, 802.3

>From: p.trujillo@xxxxxxxx
>Subject: Electronic Invitation P802.3ae: Re-opening!
>To: recipient list suppressed
>Cc: s.vogel@xxxxxxxx, a.ortiz@xxxxxxxx
>Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2001 11:05:38 -0500
>X-Orig: <p.trujillo@xxxxxxxx>
>Dear P802.3ae Balloting Pool Member:
>The balloting pool for P802.3ae has been re-opened to accommodate the 
>enrollment of additional participants.  This invitation was initially 
>opened in July 2001.  If you are interested in participating in this 
>ballot but have not signed up previously, please go to the following URL:
>This electronic invitation will close at 11:59 P.M. Eastern Time on 
>Tuesday, November 13, 2001.  The URL will close at that time.
>If you have already signed up for this ballot, please disregard this message.
>If your e-mail address has changed since the initial sign up and you have 
>not notified us previously, please send an e-mail providing the correct 
>information to sa-ballot@xxxxxxxxx
>Very best wishes.
>Sue Vogel
>Manager, Technical Committee Programs
>National Electrical Safety Code
>IEEE Standards Activities
>+1 732 562 3817 phone
>+1 732 562 1571 fax

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