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[802.3ae] Questions on section 49.2.5


I have the following questions about section 49.2.5

1. In the first paragraph, the ratio between the data-rates
   of XGMII and the PMA service interface is mentioned to be
   16:33. Is this correct or is 32:33, the correct ratio ?

2. With respect to the following sentence in the same paragraph:
    "Where the XGMII and PMA sublayer data rates are not
     synchronized to that ratio, the transmit process will
     need to insert idles, delete idles, or delete sequence
     ordered sets to adapt between the rates."

   The above rate adaptation is intended for adapting for the
   minute frequency offset that can be present if the XGMII
   transmit clock (TX_CLK) and the PMA_TXCLK are not frequency
   locked - correct ? What I am trying to clarify is that this
   rate-adaptation is completely independent of the rate
   adaptation required for interfacing to WIS.


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