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Re: [802.3ae] Proposed modifications to CJPAT - round 3


In answer to your question about hardware with disparity control, 
"some yes and some no".  Some hardware will have the ability to 
send/receive patterns with defined disparity.  Hence, publishing 
the preferred 10-bit pattern (in the style of the MJS Annex B ?) 
would improve the odds that everyone is using the same pattern.


"Lindsay, Tom" wrote:
> Hi Mike -
> As always, you understand all quite well.
> I do not know what control there can be in disparity. In terms of the
> document, I would like to add a statement along the lines of "For jitter
> and other compliance testing with this pattern, it is recommended that
> all lanes begin with negative running disparity and that the IPG be
> strictly controlled as shown."
> Since this is a test mode, it should be possible to "jump" disparity
> without upsetting too much. I suspect, however, that most folks probably
> don't have that level of control in their silicon?? (that is a
> question).
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