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Re: [802.3ae] (802.3ae) 10GBASE-R PCS Receive State Machine Question

The only way you get to the RX_T state is from RX_E or RX_D state. The
RX_E and RX_D states take care of this combination. Because being at
either state, the state machine checks for R_TYPE_NEXT and in both cases
if R_TYPE_NEXT is either E, D or T the next state will be RX_E.


"Glen W. Miller" wrote:

> Having had success with my first question yesterday, I am now
> looking for guidance in implementing the 10GBASE-R PCS
> receive state machine. Can anyone tell me what the next state will be
> when receiving R_TYPE(rx_coded) = (E + D + T) from the RX_T
> state? I expect that it will be RX_E, but this transition seems to be
> missing from my copy of Figure 49-13.
> Again, any help is appreciated.
> Glen Miller
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