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RE: [802.3ae] WAN distance

Title: RE: [802.3ae] WAN distance


The reach objective of 40km also inherently included meeting the
5 criteria of the PAR, one of those criteria being Economic Feasibility.
Although there are 10G optics that can go 600+ km without electrical
regeneration, they are in a significantly higher cost category.

Note also that the standard in no way limits any offering of a PMD to
the reach objectives. Just like there are 1GE systems running a lot
further than 5 km.

There are only serial PMDs defined for the WAN PHY, 10GBase-LW and


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In WAN PHY , it states that the max distance is 40km.
But now the optical signal can be transmitted over
600km with O/E/O?   why limit to 40km?

Is 10GBAse-LW4 still defined? 



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