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Re: [802.3ae] Link Fault Signalling

Ben, all --

Ben Brown wrote:
> > > [BC] Thanks for the replies. My understanding now is as follows:
> > >
> > > 1. If a fault is detected on the receive path, at the PMD or
> > >    the PMA, Local Fault Ordered Sets (LFOS) will be transmitted
> > >    by the PCS to the RS. Consequently, the RS will send Remote
> > >    Fault Ordered Sets (RFOS) to the PCS.
> [BB] This is correct.

Agree 100%, this is the standard behavior and *must* be supported.

However, I recommend that silicon manufacturers implementing
RS consider whether they also wish to support a non-standard
mode in which LF->RF reflection does *not* automatically occur.
This would allow their products to work in application niches
using a *unidirectional* optical link. (The transmit end always
sees a receive LF, but goes on talking anyway.)

I recognize this is outside the scope of 802.3ae, but some
industry segments would value this capability.

  Chuck Harrison
  Far Field Associates, LLC
  member, SMPTE DC28.1 Steering Committee on Digital Cinema