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[802.3ae] RE: Clarification of local faults

All - I am a little suprised there was no response to this. I (and Fibre channel) would still appreciate some clarification on the scope of "local" for the 3 local faults defined in 802.3ae.
Thanks, Tom
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From: Lindsay, Tom
Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2001 1:19 PM
To: 802. 3ae Serial PMD (E-mail); Stds-802-3-Hssg (E-mail)
Subject: Clarification of local faults

In MDIO mappings, PMD local fault, PMD transmit local fault, and PMD receive local fault functions are defined. See for example 52.4.6, .8, & .9.
Last week, Fibre channel debated the meaning of "local" without clear conclusion. Should local mean there is something faulty strictly within the PMD (bad component, etc.) or that the PMD is unable to successfully communicate regardless of cause. With no intention of being exhaustive, here are some examples:
1. Should signal detect = FAIL be considered PMD receive local fault?
2. Should signal detect = FAIL be considered PMD local fault?
Mechanisms behind signal detect = FAIL could include a disabled remote transmitter, a broken cable, a bad photodiode, etc. All prevent successful communication, but only the latter is a fault truly within the PMD.
3. Should assertion of transmit disable be considered PMD transmit local fault?
4. Should assertion of transmit disable be considered PMD local fault?
Again, this will prevent communication, yet it is not due to a problem within the PMD.

Tom Lindsay
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